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@Guest: Why would SSH be broken on Wine?

I certainly will never switch to FileZilla, as the main developer seems to be strange. I browsed his ticket system and found this:

Enough for me to stay away from this project.

So I'd rather stick to WinSCP and implement a hardware firewall in my home network to make sure Windows doesn't send out too much data.

Re: How to run WinSCP on Linux or is there any Linux alterrnative that can import winSCP entries

I'm sure the Recall feature will be optional.

So far Recall AI hasn't been installed yet on my PC. I'll keep using Windows and WinSCP until that day.

When that day comes, I'll switch to FileZilla for FTP hosts, like shared hosting, and I'll use for SSH/SFTP since it doesn't support FTP.

I hope the WinSCP devs consider porting WinSCP to Linux or creating a Linux fork or make it run on wine, I don't think Windows is usable after recall ai is installed on our PCs.

How to run WinSCP on Linux or is there any Linux alternative that can import WinSCP entries

Microsoft is forcing me and forcing us all to switch to Linux

Microsoft is going to release a tool called "AI recall"

Backs up anything you do
Transcripts anything you say
You can search for anything you said during any meeting at anytime

While this might sound cool on Paper, and while Microsoft promises to keep the backup only on device, this could be used as spyware and could be used for corporate espionage

I'll have to buy a mac in a month or two and switch everything, it's going to be a hassle, or switch to Linux.

For example:

Every single line of code I write, every meeting I do, every email I write, every password I create or copy, microsoft will have a copy of that

Microsoft will be able to steal any software we create. They'll have the entire code and meetings about it and thought process behind it. They might not release it to the public but they could if they want.

I simply don't have an option but to leave windows, there's nothing else I can do.

I have too many WinSCP entries with SSH and SFT

  • FileZilla not an option, doesn't have SSH support
  • Creating Bash aliases for SSH entries not an option as well, I have so many servers, more than a 100, even if I do create aliases, I forget what those aliases are each time I want to SSH

Honestly, I did try all the SSH/FTP software out there and WinSCP is the best one, it's not even close. I'm not sure what to do now, I'm planning my exit from windows, I can replace all software except this one.