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Re: PuTTY in a tab next to the GUI

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll think about it.

PuTTY in a tab next to the GUI

When launching PuTTY from WinSCP, capture the window and show it in a tab.

I've tried some of the tabbed PuTTY variations but I

  1. Don't always trust those download locations to provide clean code.
  2. They all want to add functionality beyond the multi document interface.
  3. I forget what the third one was, but I had 3 complaints.

I'm thinking mostly about the Explorer interface here: perhaps a toggle button on the right hand pane to swap between the file view and the PuTTY view – the downside is that this would limit it to one PuTTY session per connection. The benefit is that the GUI and related console session would never get separated.