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Paypal alternative

Thanks for your reply – I was able to make a non-Paypal donation.

A PayPal account isn't required to use PayPal depending on country. Can click to checkout using PayPal, can then click on use debit or credit (instead of login) and fill it in the same as any debit or credit payment. No account is necessary that way where its available. :)


I understand your reason for only using PayPal. However, I have canceled my PayPal account because of its policy that allows unauthorized repeat payments. I did contribute to your excellent software previously and will again if another payment option is available.

Thanks for your work!

Re: Paypal is not that safe and they have paid 26 million in fine this year alone!

Thanks for your feedback.
We actually do not get complaints on PayPal.
And you have to understand that introducing another payment gateway is a time-demanding task. And we prefer to invest our limited time and resources to improving WinSCP.

PayPal is not that safe and they have paid 26 million in fine this year alone!

I would love to donate but will NOT use PayPal. Have you guys googled PayPal lately and pulled up all the articles about how much in which they paid huge fine this past year alone? Try "PayPal fines". There was one for 25.5 million and then another for 7.7 million. I recently caught them doing something they shouldn't and had to report them and well the feds found it interesting and they are watching for patterns since PayPal can't seem to get their act together no matter how many times they get caught or fined. PayPal was not happy about getting caught either so they have banned me completely and well not a great loss at all. They are NOT that safe. Why don't you put a Stripe type of payment method in that is safer? I like your program and want to support you but when I see you use PayPal it makes me wonder how much you have thought about security with your program. I had first tried FileZilla which was just awful and spent hours trying to get that to work and never did. I then tried your program and it was a breeze. Thank you.