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Re: RE

First of al, I would recommend you to enable/install the WinSCP drag&drop shell extension. It should fix your problem. Also please post a log file.


Hi, sorry for the late reply.

None of the files get to the destination directory.
I move files - drag them from the server window in winSCP into a windows folder (outside of the winSCP program), then winSCP asks whether I want to move the files and i click "Move".

The files are deleted from the remote directory.

It's like sending snail mail and having someone steal it from the recipient's mailbox.. The files appear to be lost. I search my HD for files from today and no relevant files are found.

Re: "Move files" - loses files

Do you mean that only part of the files get to the detination directory? Do you actually move files or copy? Are the files deleted from remote directory (in case you move)?

"Move files" - loses files

Sometimes moving directories from a remote dir using drag & drop just loses the files.
I think it happens whenever I download using two sessions (although the remote directory names are different) OR when I change anything in the local dir during the transfer (even move irrelevant files) but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it seems that it downloads to the temporary dir just fine, but then it's nowhere to be found.

Info that I think is important: using a temporary dir (no duh), using windows (XP) , winSCP v.3.7.6

Other info:
- SFTP (allow SCP fallback) - v.5
- interface: NC
- No log file yet. Next time it happens I'll post it as well.