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I see. You had opened directory /blah/ and choosed subdirectory "3" for download, did you?


Yes I know they wait but I want to know what the directory is that is being in the 'Wait' queue.

For example I am downloading /blah/1 and /blah/2 and then there is another dir I queue after /blah/3.
Well the /blah/3 thing that says 'Waiting...' in the queue actually does NOT say '/blah/3/' but rather just '/blah/'.
I want it to say the full path so I know what files are being waited on instead of having to guess whether I queued '/blah/3' already or not.

Re: In the queue

Sorry, I just miss the point. In the queue list, you see on the top the trasfers going on and below others waiting. They wait for any of the transfers on the top to finish.

In the queue

Whenever there is stuff scheduled to be downloaded in the background and other things are going, it would be nice if you could get details on what is in the queue.

I have stuff there that just says

<<< /some/remote/dir C:\whatever\localdir Waiting ...

And I have no way to tell what it is I am waiting for.

Please make the 'Waiting ... ' say something like 'Waiting to download /some/remote/dir2' or whatever.
Thanks, love the software!