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Re: Is the character "/" is interpreted in passwords ?

Sorry !

In fact, it's works
It's the good solution

I had made a mistake in the password itself

With the goog password, it's OK !
Pascal from PARIS

Re: Is the character "/" is interpreted in passwords ?

Ok, i find some informations in this forum :
about URL-encoding.
You says in a topic :
" The connection string is treated as an SFTP/SCP URL address."

So, in find a URLencode-decode website and i encode "/"
= %2F

I try my password with this, but it doesn't work.
Pascal from PARIS

Is the character "/" is interpreted in passwords ?

Hi from PARIS,

I've just a little question :

Is the character "/" could be interpreted in password , for exemple,in
"open root:xxx/yyy@server" ?

I ask this question because it seems not for me ..
i try xxx"/"yyy,
etc ...
but no solutions !

Thank you if you i've any idea