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same prob


i have the same prob, I dont can set a new owner for a file or change the group.
I use SFTP Protocol, on an other pc of me with an older version of WinSCP it works :(
Also the line Add X to directories etc dont show up, please help


Re: Bugs in 'Add X to directories' and chown features

Both are properties of SCP protocol. Use SFTP instead to avoid that.

Bugs in 'Add X to directories' and chown features

Name of file owner or group is always truncated to 8 symbols when displayed.

If both 'Add X to directories' and 'Set owner, group and permissions recursively' are checked, only directories in current directory get an X, not their subdirectories.

I'm using version

ISSH protocol version = SSH-2
SSH implementation = OpenSSH_4.1
Encryption algorithm = aes
Compression = No
File transfer protocol = SCP