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lol, k forget it, my Techchief deactivated some services in the ISA Server, now it runs :roll:

Error while connecting

when i try to login i get the following Error

"Server unexpectedly closed network connection"

in the log file:

. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.765 Looking up host ""
. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.765 Connecting to port 22
. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.859 Waiting for the server to continue with the initialisation
. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.859 Looking for incoming data
. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.859 Select result is 1
. 2007-01-15 10:43:49.859 Server unexpectedly closed network connection
* 2007-01-15 10:43:49.859 (ESshFatal) Server unexpectedly closed network connection

i just need to know, if it could be an Error from WINScp or more Remote Server based (IP changed or something like that)