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Shit :(
I was using prehistoric version of winSCP :mrgreen: .
Now i dll v 3.82 and everything is fine (Server/protocol Information is there) :D

Server and Protocol Information Dialog

Hello folks.

While browsing FAQ i saw this:

The dialog shows information about server you are connected to, the protocol you are using and the remote file system. To show the dialog go to Commands > Server/protocol Information.

The dialog has thee tabs. Each is described individually.

But in my WinSCP 2.2.0 build 124 there isnt such command (Server/protocol Information)

Here is a picture from WinSCP Command menu:
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Possible bug:
When WinSCP is connected to SSH server (copSSH 1.4.1) you cannot minimize it
(My OS is win xp sp2 , AV is nod32 2.51.26) , windows firewall+ router firewall)