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Proposed solution not working with latest Winscp & OpenSSH version/s. Always end up with error in log :

Cannot get real path for '/cygdrive/c'

Is there any working variation of this? Thanks in advance.

Re: use WinSCP with OpenSSH for Windows

Use so-called CygDrive notation. For example /cydrive/c to access C:\. Please note that /cygdrive directory in fact does not exist, so you must use Open directory (Ctrl+O) function and type /cydrive/c.

use WinSCP with OpenSSH for Windows

I am using WinSCP 3 Latest and OpenSSH (on the server)
Is there a way on the remote side (The one running SSHd daemon (OpenSSH) to change the DIR to The root of The Drive. I am starting as /home/gil Going up only get me to the root of the OpenSSH which is
C:\Programs Files\OpenSSH
I cannot go up to C:\ ?
It might be more of a problem with the OpenSSH But I am still tring to ask for Help!