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OIC-- had a brainfart. Thanks.

".." refers to parent directory (/home in your case), not to directory you are in (/home/pnosko).

For example, I just connected to a server where I have a user account. The info for .. shows:
changed=2/2/2007 8:18:03AM, owner=root, group=sys

I go up one level and look at my home, and the info reads:
changed=1/30/2007 1:45:30PM, owner=pnosko, group=users

Additionally, there is no directory/file in /home with the info displayed for .., so I have no idea where it's coming from.

Re: Remote window show bogus owner/group/changed dts for parent

What does it show and what should it show instead?

Remote window show bogus owner/group/changed dts for parent

Hi all; this is my first post here. I'm using WinSCP 3.8.2. Using an SFTP connection, in the remote window, the ".." directory shows the wrong owner/group/changed dts. Is this a known issue? Fix in the works?