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Re: Using Putty commands in SQL Server Enterprise ActiveX Script

Please read PuTTY wish accept-host-keys. If you still have questions to ask, try again :-) or better ask at Putty support forum.
Kiran Gilhotra

Using Putty commands in SQL Server Enterprise ActiveX Script

Please help. I would like to use pscp commands in my SQL Server Enterprise ActiveX Script tp move files from my Access Database to a clients server. The server name I am calling is an IP address.

In the automatically activated batch file, it does not run.

my commands read as follows

'Create Prod upload File
set conBatchFileTest = oFS.CreateTextFile("g:\uploads\load_latest_TESTsup.bat", True)
conBatchFileTest.Writeline("g:\pscp -pw XXXX g:\uploads\" & strFolder & "\*supplier* dtf@")

set conBatchFileProd = oFS.CreateTextFile("g:\uploads\load_latest_PRODsup.bat", True)
conBatchFileProd.Writeline("g:\pscp -pw XXXX g:\uploads\" & strFolder & "\*supplier* dtf@")

The problem is, it always prompts this warning sign

The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is. The server's key fingerprint is ****

If you trust this host, press YEs. To connect without adding host key to the cache, press No. To abandon the connection press Cancel.

Continue connecting and add host key to the cache ?

Yes, No, Cancel ?

I think that is why the code does not execute, could you tell me how to overcome this problem ?