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Re: queuing files

I do not intend to support FTP. Queuing may be supported in future, I have not decided yet.

queuing files

i've used winscp3 for all of an hour now, and i want to replace my existing ftp client (flashfxp), this program is so good. maybe this isn't a viable solution, having secure and nonsecure ftp operations in the same client, but for 2 programs that do the same thing (even if the secure-ness is relatively transparent) is annoying. i would use ffxp for large downloads, queuing, etc. while winscp is only used for work as the admins are anal about security.

so i guess the features i want are:

basic ftp support (for those sites without sftp)
ability to queue items for download (and load/save queues)

<3, clown