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Re: WinSCP w/ Nortel Passport 8600

Can you connect with Putty? Have you tried to force /bin/bash on SCP tab of login dialog? Have you tried SFTP? Have you read Requirements?

WinSCP w/ Nortel Passport 8600

I'm trying to get WinSCP to work with Nortel Network's Passport 8600. They support SSH2/SCP 3DES but for some reason I can't get WinSCP to work. All I get is this:

. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. WinSCP Version 3.1.0 (Build 165)
. Login time: Friday, July 25, 2003 8:57:26 PM
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Session name:
. Host name: (Port: 22)
. User name: rwa (Password: No, Key file: Yes)
. Transfer Protocol: SCP
. SSH protocol version: 2 only; Compression: No
. Agent forwarding: No; TIS/CryptoCard: No; KI: Yes
. Ciphers: 3des,aes,blowfish,WARN,des; Ssh2DES: No
. Ping interval: 0 sec (0 = off); Timeout: 15 sec
. SSH Bugs: A,A,A,A,A,A,A,
. Proxy: none
. Return code variable: Autodetect; Lookup user groups: No
. Shell: default, EOL: 0
. Local directory: default, Remote directory: home, Update: No, Cache: Yes
. Clear aliases: Yes, Unset nat.vars: Yes, Resolve symlinks: Yes
. Alias LS: No, Ign LS warn: No, Scp1 Comp: No
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Looking up host ""
. Connecting to port 22
. Server version: SSH-2.0-SSH_2.1.1
. We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY-Local: Jul 14 2003 13:14:02
. Using SSH protocol version 2
. Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange
. Asking user:
. The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is. The server's key fingerprint is: ssh-dss 1024 78:41:5a:79:21:b8:f5:63:7f:8f:fa:89:d4:6c:04:10
. If you trust this host, press Yes. To connect without adding host key to the cache, press No. To abandon the connection press Cancel.
. Continue connecting and add host key to the cache? ()
. Host key fingerprint is:
. ssh-dss 1024 78:41:5a:79:21:b8:f5:63:7f:8f:fa:89:d4:6c:04:10
. Initialised triple-DES client->server encryption
. Initialised triple-DES server->client encryption
! Using username "rwa".
. Reading private key file "E:\ssh\fox-1-pp-ietf\fox-1-pp-rwa-ietf"
. Offered public key
. Offer of public key accepted
! Authenticating with public key "fox-1-pp-rwa"
. Access granted
. Opened channel for session
* (ESshFatal) Authentication failed.
* Authentication log (see session log for details):
* Using username "rwa".
* Authenticating with public key "fox-1-pp-rwa"
* Connection has been unexpectedly closed.

Any help would be appreciated.