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Definitely, you should not have a problems downgrading.

I can't speak for what Martin officially supports, but I've had no problem with settings as I switch back and forth between the 3.8.2 installed program and the 4.0 stand-alone executable, or the 4.0 installed program and the 3.8.2 stand-alone executable. So long as your current-user registry keys remain intact, I think your settings would be fine.

Bug in dialog screen.

I am using SSH-2 with "keyboard interactive authentication" because our systems use a secure-id code for login. This works fine on the initial connection. Normally in version 3.8 I would have to authenticate a second time when saving changes to a file that is opened with the tool, edited, and it is then attempting to save the changes back to the original directory. This worked fine in 3.8, but in 4.0 the dialog screen which pops up for 'keyboard interactive auth' does not go away after authentication and blocks the rest of the applications functions because it will not allow focus to return to the main app.

should I return to 3.8? I'm a registered customer using this in a business environment, and I would have left everything alone, except that I was greeted with popups stating that my software was out of date and there was a newer version to install.

is there a pain-free way to revert to 3.8 without loosing all of my saved session information.

Thank you.