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Thanks :-)

Thanks for your reply. And yes, that did the trick and I do feel quite embarrassed and awfully stupid :oops: Ik guess I wasn't quite awake when I tried to solve this little problem. The least I can do is send a donation, which, by the way, has nothing to do with my stupidness but with the fact that WinSCP is a very cool and valuable asset to the universe of Open Source software.

Re: "Host does not exist" from script

Use /script=try.wscp

"Host does not exist" from script

I've read various other related topics, but none of them seem to address my specific problem.

I'm using WinSCP 4.0.2 (build 344) and created a script try.wscp as follows:
option batch on

option confirm off
open "sync host1"
option transfer binary
option synchdelete on
synchronize local J:\obix1\try /backup/try

I execute the script with the command:
c:\progra~1\winscp\winscp /ini=c:\progra~1\winscp\winscp.ini /script try.wscp

This results in the error "Host does not exist" and leaves me in interactive mode. When I then run the command open "sync host1" manually, the connection is established without a problem.

Any ideas?