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To be more precise:

we would try to change the value of two connection attemps which is identified by the trace "Network error: No route to host".
It is currently 2 seconds between two identical messages.

In fact, our problem is that after 3h or deconnexion there are memory problems( winscp's size is 18 Mo) or the CPU is 100% busy.

This is why wewant to raise delays of connecting attemps int the aim to decrease the CPU load or the memory leak.

Can you help ?

I compiled and ran the program in debug mode(step by step) and I'm not sure to pass at the ligne which calls this parameter.

I deleted the "if" condition before to be sure but the line "searching for local host" is still repeting every 2 seconds instead of 30 s for example...

Well if you are able to compile WinSCP you may try to trace that down yourself. Because I have no more clue.

martin wrote:

Do you have "option confirm off" set?

Yes "options confirm off" is set.

Do you have "option confirm off" set?

I changed the paramater "FSessionReopenNoConfirmation = 2000;" to rise the delay between two attemps of reconnection BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. :(

It seemed to be the good option but in reality it doesn't change anything. :? I precise that I Work in CONSOLE mode.

Is there a problem of mode ? I mean do i need to be reopenNoConfirmation mode whereas I'm maybe in reopenAuto mode ? :?:

I changed the code but it's like if I never pass through the function "QueryReopen" which calls a "Sleep" of "Configuration->SessionReopenNoConfirmation".

Actually, i'm searching for rising the delay between two attemps of reconnection. This is to say between two message "Searching for host" in CONSOLE MODE.

Coul you help me a bit more ?



I just foud it in the soft code :

FSessionReopenNoConfirmation = 2000;

Is "2000" the delay in ms between two attemps of reconnections ?

Thanks Martin.

My research on the FAQ did not match any documents. Have you got an interesting link for me ?

I read (quickly, certainly too) FAQ but it'snot easy to find it.
Thakns for your answer prikly.

Re: How to change delays in command mode ?

Please read FAQ.
The option you are looking for is SessionReopenNoConfirmation.

How to change delays in command mode ?

Hi everyone,

With the graphical interface you can change the delayx between two attemps of reconnection inthe case of the link with the server had been cut.
This is in the "Preferences" menu, resume->automatic reconnect->reconnect after xx seconds.

My problem is that I need to use the command mode and I don't know how to change the timer between two reconnections ? :shock:
Do i need to change a code line in the software ? and where? I can't find it.
Or can I load a parameter file and change easily this timer.

Thanks for your help.