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Fixed it - deleted the entry in the list, and replaced it with an identical one, works fine now. Probably should have tried that earlier.

Thanks for your help.

If I choose edit, it opens it in the built-in text editor - even though I deleted this from the list of external editors, in an attempt to force it to use what I wanted. Just one entry, for soffice.

(And the filename extension obviously matches)

And the same thing happens if I put the internal editor underneath as well, with *.*

I assume priority is from the top of the list?

Re: OOCalc as an External Editor

You should use "Edit" command instead of "Open". You may also make "Edit" the default action for double-click.

OOCalc as an External Editor

Everytime I try to open a remote .ods (openoffice spreadsheet) I get the message about this app should be setup as an external editor etc. etc..

Except I have already done it, with these settings:

(Its the top of the list.)

Mask: .ods

file to execute: "C:\Program Files\ 2.2\program\soffice.exe" -o "!.!"

Ticked: Ext Editor Opens mult files in one process.
Unticked: force text transfer mode.

What Am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.