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I tried with winscp + copssh with trate. It works.
Here is what I did:
1. Download copssh and installed it on one PC (server, xp): don't forget to active user account.
2. Download winscp and installed it on another machine (client,xp).
3. Download trate and installed in on both client and server. Let it running automatically.
4. On server machine, double click trate icon (yellow), in pop up box I found out my router's public ip (<----- Your public IP is xx.xx.xx.74 )
5. On client machine, lunched winscp, try to login to above public IP.
6. Wait for about 10 seconds (why the connection needs so long, but it is ok since I don't care about the connection time. It would be nice if the time will be short.) The winscp was filed to connect.
7. Then I saw the icon became gree as Trate's documentation said.
8. Then I reconnect winscp, it let me login very quick.
9. Since then, I played about 2 hrs to sync my files, the speed is reasonably OK.
I was wounder the performance, -- comparing to sharefolder (they use third relay server), the performace if very impressed. -- then I captured packets use ethereal. When I analyze the packet, guess what, they have directly connection except during established time. How could they done it like that? Any clue?
I listed my download web site here.
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Sooner Al

Not much information on the SourceForge site to go on to even want to try it... :roll:

It looks like Trate depends on a third-party server to get around firewall issues, kind of like LogMeIn, etc.

Personally I never use those since I like to control the end-to-end data link, ie. setup my own SSH server (copSSH) and use Tunnelier or PuTTY/WinSCP as the client.

How to pass-through firewall or router w/o portforwarding?

Setting port forwarding is too noise.
I found out a utility (free) in source forge called trate.
It may help me to know: my public IP on router wan side, automatically pass-through firewall/router.
Is anyone use it with winscp? :?: