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Re: Constant Overwrite Confirmations Even When Disabled

This issue is being tracked already.

Constant Overwrite Confirmations Even When Disabled

I am running Windows XP and WINSCP 4.0.3 (Build 345)
As mentioned in the subject line, despite having every conceivable confirmation and warning message turned off I can not upload a single file without being barraged with confirmation dialog.

Whatsmore, the "Never Ask Again" feature doesn't seem to be working at all. I can upload a file, complete it and re-upload the exact same file, to the same location and receive yet another confirmation message questioning if I'm really sure I want to overwrite the file.

I've also tried this software at work and experienced the same problems with a similar configuration.

Also, the constant alert box pop up whenever my connection is disconnected which seems to be happening a lot for someone on a 8 mb cable connection, are very distracting.