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*/CVS/* excludes all files in the CVS directory(ies), but not the directory itself. CVS/ should do.

This wil also exclude any directories starting with cvs though. */CVS/* doesn't work for me. In theory it should but the cvs directories still get copied.

This works

This exclude mask is working for me. */CVS*

Re: Excluding CVS directories

Most of these would work. How do you set the mask? How do you initiate the synchronization? What version of WinSCP are you using?

Excluding CVS directories

I've read the docs on Exclude Mask, and it seems really straightforward, yet I can't get it to work :oops:

I've got my local dir on Windows synchronizing with a remote dir on Unix via SSH. I've tried all kinds of exclude masks but none of them seem to work; if i change the contents of a file in a CVS dir it gets copied to the remote dir.

Masks I've tried:


I've searched the forums and there's plenty of reference to the Exclude Mask, but no actual masks for dumbarses like myself...