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Re: Carriage Return Symbol

0nly wrote:

Could it be the OS? Does Mac allow for carriage symbols in filenames?

Being based on Unix, I guess it allows almost any character in filename, as Unix does.

Carriage Return Symbol

I apologize. It is not the "&" that is causing the problems. It is the carriage return symbol."↵"

I am not sure how the symbol got put into filenames because I cannot save a file with the ↵ in the filename. But when I look at it on the server side, that symbol is there. I am going to delete all files with the ↵ in the filename and see if it reuploads it the same way or if it gives it the correct name.

Could it be the OS? Does Mac allow for carriage symbols in filenames?

It could also be a problem created by cwRsync. I had originally used this program to sync the directories but it proved to be unreliable.

I will let you know what happens after Mondays transfer.

Re: Maybe its an &

What protocol are you using? Anyway, I'm able to upload files with & using any protocol WinSCP supports.

Maybe its an &

Looking a little closer, it seems that the files have a & in them.

For example, Track&Field.img.

When WinSCP attempts to upload the file Track&Field.img, it actually looks for Track?Field.img resulting in the "File or Folder does not exist" Is there a solution?

↵ in filenames

When synchronizing from the command line, certain files are skipped with "File or Folder does not exist" on the remote client.

File or folder 'D:\Users\Students\Shared Folder\your backup\ABCD\Class\ch 4\Fact↵ Pairs Co-Op assign?' does not exist.
(A)bort, (R)etry, (S)kip, Ski(p) all: Skip

It seems to be all file names with this character ↵ in their filename. Wiki says this is the carriage return symbol. So when WinSCP goes to get the file it replaces the ↵ with a ? and it cant find the file because of the difference in filenames.

All the files that get skipped are similar in that they all contain a ↵ in their filename.