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StooJ wrote:

It doesn't work though. WinSCP won't take a script file when it's not called manually.

Well it should work. But as I do not know how to your run WinSCP, with what parameters and what script it is hard to tell what's going wrong.

A way of allowing WinSCP to run a script, but one that is called from another programme. The only way I can get it to work at the moment is to type it into the command prompt manually.

I have an executable file that lets the user pick a directory, then it generates a WinSCP script to connect to a specific server with a specific username and password and synchronize the chosen directory with one on the server.

It doesn't work though. WinSCP won't take a script file when it's not called manually.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this very well :(

Re: Automating WinSCP

Way around what? What behaviour do you mean?

Automating WinSCP

I use WinSCP to connect to my fileserver, and was hoping to let a co-worker upload files to it.

The account I have set up has limited access.

However, I'll need to make something that is fairly idiot-proof.

I tried to create an executable that generates a script and then runs WinSCP with the script.

I found that this doesn't work though, WinSCP has this behaviour disabled as a security measure.

Is there some way around this? A whitelist of scripts or locations? Is there another way to script something with variables (the files will not always be located in the same place on the co-worker's hard drive, so I need to build in a "browse" bit.

Any help, or pointers about where to begin would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.