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Re: External Editor opens with incomplete file

Ah ha! Thank you, that was exactly the problem. Thanks for your help!

Glad it was such a simple fix, and I'm surprised that I couldn't find a similar thread by searching. Oh well, the next person will find this hopefully.

Re: External Editor opens with incomplete file

I would suspect that you have not disabled the editor option Force text transfer mode for files edited in external editor.

External Editor opens with incomplete file

I recently setup XnView as an external editor for image files (.bmp,.png,.jpg etc), as the default editor is not apt for this. When double-clicking (default action: edit) an image file on the remote side pane, XnView opens correctly, but the image is garbled as though the image it is attempting to view is incomplete. Opening the same file via Edit in the Local pane has no problems.

Here is a image showing the difference between remote pane and local:

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin> (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>)
click above for a full-sized image.

Is WinSCP opening the external editor before the file has been transfered completely? A transfer box appears after double-clicking, but closes immediately without updating progress.

I am using the newest WinSCP version, Norton style, and using SFTP-3 transfer protocol (via ssh keys).