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I hate seeing web page URLs with %20 (or other escaped character)
I wish FTP (SFTP) clients by default convert embedded spaces in file name to "_" (underscore) and also trim start/end spaces. had a similar feature where it covert file name to lowercase to make it pretty.

Re: spaces in filenames

This issue is tracked here.

spaces in filenames

I mistakenly posted this in the support form instead of a feature request.


People are always uploading content that has spaces in the name or the files are hidden files (those with a leading period). It is great the ftp client shows the hidden files.

Is there a way to place double quotes (" file name ") to allow file download or deletion?

Or is there a different way to handle the spaces in filenames?

Referencing the file with double quotes from the server command line is how we are deleting the files.