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Thanks !

Sounds so obvious now... thanks for such a quick reply !
And congratulations for creating such a useful tool !

Re: How to change the home directory ?

  • Home directory must be set on server.
  • However you may override, what "Home directory" button on WinSCP toolbar does. Just specify default "remote directory" on "environment" tab of login dialog. Of course you should save your settings to stored session.

How to change the home directory ?

Hi !
:wink: Sorry is this question has already been addressed in the past, but I could not find the solution so far...
I connect to my XP home computer with WinSCP 3.1.0 (build 165). My XP home computer is running OpenSSH.
My home directory is pointing to "c:\documents and settings".
How can I change this home directory, so that it points to a directory located on my d: drive ?
Thanks in advance for your help.