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Re: same problem on mine

This problem has been fixed already. See tracker entry.

same problem on mine

my resolution is 1280x800
winxp sp2

i use the latest version (4.06) the previous version have the same problem.

another problem is when you have more list, it won't give you a scroll bar to choose session, but hiding behind the box.

here is a screenshort

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Can you give me your email address, so I can send you a debug version?

Great, thanks. That should help :-)

I just tested more and the last working version is 3.8.2(.330).
In 4.0 beta ( the session dialog is already broken.

Perhaps this helps. :)

In the 1920x1200 computer WinSCP 2.2 sessions dialog is OK.

I'm using WinSCP long time now, and indeed -- in earlier versions were the session dialog OK, but in newer versions (4.x, maybe older) it's broken.

Thanks. Can you try if you would have the same problem with some very old version of WinSCP? Like WinSCP 2.2.

Windows XP SP2 in all computers.

Resolutions are:

Re: WinSCP "Stored sessions" dialog, a button is hidden

This issue is being tracked already.

What is your version of Windows and screen resolution?

WinSCP "Stored sessions" dialog, a button is hidden

In the WinSCP "Stored sessions" dialog, a button is hidden. I'm using the latest version (4.0.6), but it was broken also in previous versions.

Here's the screenshot:
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Thank you.