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oh, thanks!
3.0.7 of just was not thought to be awareness because of the state as it is.

Re: Login dialog invalid layout

Thanks for your post. This issue is being tracked already.

Login dialog invalid layout

In WinSCP 3.0.7 (And, a version that is older than it also :), the button etc. are
not correctly arranged.
Immediately after starting WinSCP:
1. "Tools.." button cannot be pushed. It protrudes beyond the window or it is concealed in
other buttons.
2. The host the under the host list is not seen. The lower side of the host list

It is not possible to push by the most lower buttons' protruding beyond the window this time though the most lower buttons shift outside the screen when the language is switched with the Langueages button, and two above-mentioneds problems are solved.