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Re: Setting up presets does not work properly

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

Setting up presets does not work properly

Hi Martin,
it took a lot of time for me to find the reason why some presets of transfer settings were not selected automatically when opening the appropriate session.
Now I've fount it out.
Let me describe it with an example.
I've defined a session opening the /forum subdirectory of my root directory.
Then I've defined a preset which I'd like to be opened automatically when opening this session.
In the "Edit Transfer Settings Preset" window one can use the "Current" button to get the autoselection rule.
When doing this it sets the remote directory to "/forum".
But with this setting the preset will not start automatically.
It only starts automatically when the directory is set to "*/forum" or "forum" (without slash).

Could you please remove this bug (adding the leading slash to the remote directory) from the presets setting window?