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Re: Auto download

Your question is still too generic to give you any specific example. But you may read another FAQ. It summaries everything about scripting and links to examples.

Auto download

I'm a total novice with scripting and, even though it probably tells me how to do it in the FAQ, I'm not able to decipher what I need. I've been a Windows user and I'm trying to convert to Linux.

I need to copy files from a linux server to the windows machine daily. I have WinSCP installed and need to know how to pull the files to the window server.

I hope this explanation makes more sense than my previous post.



Re: Setting up scheduled transfers

Please read FAQ. If that does not help, come back.

Setting up scheduled transfers

We are new to Linux and have a windows machine that we've installed WinSCP on so we can transfer files between the Win and Lin boxes. We need to move files from the Lin to the Win machine and would like to do this on a daily basis.

Does WinSCP allow for 'jobs' to be set up and saved so they can run on their own?