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I'd also like to see a "Transfer hidden files" checkbox, as well as a "Transfer system files" checkbox. The exclude mask is nice, but you have to know (and remember to enter) every hidden or system file (Thumbs.db, /RECYCLER, etc.). Having them as options would make things easier. It's easy to forget, then have to go through and delete all the hidden files that got uploaded.

Re: Option to not transfer hidden files.

You can use exclude mask, e.g. ".svn/" or more general ".*, .*/".

Option to not transfer hidden files.

Hi, I LOVE WinSCP and have been using it for years. I have a feature request:

A checkbox such as "Transfer hidden files"

Here is the problem. On my local machine I have a SVN repository. I manually SCP my changes up to the webserver. The problem is that if I upload a directory, all of the hidden '.svn' directories that are present also get uploaded. There is an '.svn' sub-dir in every directory, so these hidden transfers can be pretty significant. Not only does this create a mess of hidden '.svn' folders all over the server, it also makes the upload take quite a bit longer, because the '.svn' dirs can get rather large.

I know there is an option to 'Show hidden files', which I have un-checked, however, if there are hidden folders within a folder I am uploading, they also get uploaded. A 'Transfer hidden files' checkbox would solve this issue.

I hope you consider adding this trivial feature. Thanks!