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Re: Problem with time display?

During file transfer, WinSCP receives always valid GMT time. It is not true for directory listing. I can hardly do something with it. Since vesion 3.3 (currently the latest release), you may specify time difference between client and server (SCP tab of login dialog). It should fix your problem. Also you may try SFTP, it should not suffer these problems.

Problem with time display?

Thanks for the program, very nice and useful. :)

Just one small problem I am having. I am transferring files between Windows XP and a remote Unix machine using SFTP. The timestamp shown on the Windows machine is correct (GMT +08:00), but that displayed on the Unix side in WinSCP is always shown as GMT. However when the files are transferred from the Unix side, the correct timestamp is conveyed with the file to Windows ie GMT +08:00 . (Both Windows and Unix are in the same timezones.)

I have checked via SCP, and this both displays and transfers the correct timestamp. Also checked the options and there is nothing I can see so far to modify the behaviour of time displays. Is there some option I am missing? Or is this just the nature of the software?