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Priority for upload/download pls

just like to chime in and say great proggy.

ive been using this ftp app for a while on and off and love it for its simple scripting abilty:-)

a feature whereby *.txt,*.nfo and *.sfv could be prioritied and xfered first would be very handy feature.

i see noone has requested this for quiet some time, but i think its still quiet relevant.

thanks in advance,


I would like to see this feature as well. Would help alot when transferring tons of files and fetchin those files from the priority list first would be awesome!

If you dont have time to implement this atleast make it transfer in alphabetical order or even creation order, right now it just transfers files randomly!

Thank you!


Thanks, I will be very appreciated.

Re: Upload priority on specific extensions

Will see if more people ask for that... :-)

Upload priority on specific extensions


I often transfer a lot of directories which has a lot of different kinds of files in it. Is it possible to add a feature that will for example upload all .zip files first, and then rest of the files.

A kind upload priority list, for example:
- *.zip
- *.txt
- *.rar