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Re: after compiled, wont run

ok yes you're right, thanks!

Re: after compiled, wont run

I guess that you have opened the project in IDE and it has overwritten the WinSCP.rc with generated resource that does not include the version info.

after compiled, wont run


thanks for the useful project.

when i compile the 4.1.2 source with BC6 Enterprise it compiles fine, just 1 warning:

[Linker Warning] Duplicate resource: Type 14 (ICON GROUP), ID MAINICON; File L:\WORK\WINSCP\WINDOWS\WINDOWS.RES resource kept; file L:\WORK\WINSCP\WINSCP.RES resource discarded.

but it doesn't run, i get "Invalid access to memory/abnormal program termination".

in debug mode the crash seems to occur here:

if (GetTranslationCount(ApplicationInfo) > 0)

in LCID __fastcall TGUIConfiguration::InternalLocale()

of GUIConfiguration.cpp

ApplicationInfo is NULL

in debugger can continue execution, then crashes with access violation at:

AnsiString __fastcall SshVersionString()
return FORMAT("WinSCP-release-%s", (Configuration->Version));

any idea what could be causing this?