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Re: When upload - file pemission is not honoured - defaults is aplyed

I'm not sure, if I understand you: Do you mean that your "permissions preferences" get lost (and the defaults are back), when you restart the application?

When upload - file pemission is not honoured - defaults is aplyed

Hi. WinSCP is rullezzzz, but i think i found a bug and it seems nobody else has reported about it yet.

When i set "Upload Options" -> Set permissions in Transfer tab of preferenses to 664 it works, but after some WinSCP restarts (or maybe one), it keeps setting default permissions to 644. I have disabled transfer resume but this does not helps.

My OS: WinXP Pro SP1
Server: ssh-2.4.0
Home directory permission: 664
User not owns home directory, but in owner group
Uploads are saccessful, but permissions set to 644 whatever i set in preferences.
Some times permissions was set correctly by WinSCP. Nothing changed on server after that happiend.