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sourceforge issue resolved :D

downloads gone - sourceforge bug?

(not related to virus alert)

Today there's no download link on the Downloads page (except for the U3 version).
All links to sourceforge result in an "Invalid project" error message. sourceforge seems to be having some problems.

Oh, and these case-sensitive captchas that you have to re-enter after preview are annoying.

I took your advice and scanned the file with Kapersky - it was clean. If you get a chance can you email me with your "advanced" settings in Kapersky and I will adjust mine accordingly.



You did select the 'Installation package' didn't you?
And I think it's Kapersky being overly cautious; I don't have it here at work where winSCP is installed on my PC but at home I use it and know it's a bit over zealous so I've had to tweak the advance settings to stop it blocking everything and bugging the hell out of me!
Saying that I still prefer it over Mcafee and Norton any day! :o)

Do a scan of the downloaded file; if it comes out clean then go for the install. If it doesn't then post on here with your findings.

Hope that helps,

download of 4.1.6

When I try to download version 4.1.6, I am re-directed to the "sourceforge" website. I download and try to install the program and part way through the program, I get a message from Kapersky Anti-Virus that Sourceforge is trying to install a trojan program onto my computer - any suggestions?