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Re: Synchronize only larger files

I do not think you can do that with WinSCP.

Synchronize only larger files


I'm working on creating a backup of some sensitive, large files that are downloaded at somewhat random times. I have two concerns:

1. If I run synchronize while something is being downloaded, I'm afraid I'll get a partial version. But this won't be a problem if I run synchronize a second time.

2. But, I don't want my local copies to be changed, even if the remote copies are changed.

For example, if a malevolent script alters all the large, important files to be 10 kilobytes of gibberish, then synchronizing my backup would in essence delete my backup.

It seems like the best solution with the minimal amount of hand-checking would be if synchronize (or some other script) only synchronizes a file if the remote version is larger than the local version.

Do you know of any scripts or techniques that would accomplish this?

Thank you.