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Re: WinKM - Keyboard/Mouse Sharing

If I understand correctly you want WinSCP to allow dragging a file across computers.
I'm sorry but I haven't a least idea how this could be implemented.

WinKM - Keyboard/Mouse Sharing

At first glance suggesting a Keyboard/Mouse sharing feature for a file copying program might seem a the wall, but hear me out.

I have a home setup where I use multiple computers through one keyboard/mouse without a physical KVM switch. Each computer has it's own screen (I need to be able to watch all of them for changes, updates, etc.). KVM switches are cumbersome especially when you are not combining Video with your switching, and that doesn't help with inter-system communication.

I've been using Synergy to share my keyboard and mouse, but it's kinda buggy and limited. I find my cntl and alt keys get "stuck" frequently, there are very few configuration options, and you can "lock" the mouse on a remote screen which could have adverse effects at times. Synergy is good for copying and pasting text, however.

Now comes the part for why I am putting this on WinSCP.

I would like to be able to drag and drop files from one screen on one computer straight over to the other computer. This would revolutionize the Keyboard/Mouse sharing. Sure there are security concerns with a setup like this, but I think a WinKM would be a great companion program to WinSCP.

Is this a feasible idea? What would I need to do to get something like this rolling?