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uhg, change it back!... its so annoying to have different behavior in the OS (windows) and this application.

I have the same Problem on my Linux Server.

Great Idea, yosmc

agree w/ that

yea this is _seriously_ annoying :evil:

otherwise, great software :wink:

Nice - thanks again.

Re: F2 rename highlighting

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

F2 rename highlighting

This is actually not a request for a new feature, but a request to bring back something old. When you hit F2, the newest version of WinSCP doesn't highlight the entire filename anymore, but omits the extension. I understand that this might be useful for a certain type of user that deals with certain types of files on a Windows system. For me however (1) my server runs linux which means that a . doesn't necessary mark the file extension, and (2) I often use F2 so I can copy the filename and paste it somewhere else - for that, the new feature is pretty annoying.

Maybe, as a "best of both worlds" it's possible to make this feature optional for every user to decide? Thanks for considering!