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Re: FXP Support

@aeromaxx: Well, FXP is FTP-only. While some SFTP server may have a proprietary support for direct server-to-server transfers (and I've never heard of any), it cannot be FXP. Anyway, do you have some reference for that feature? Or a client-side log file at least? Is it really SFTP? Isn't it SCP? Is it really direct server-to-server transfer?

Re: FXP Support

@martin: Yes FTP Rush has support FXP support for SFTP.
guest from serbia

FTP server

I have a problem when transferring files, because it is simply impossible to transfer (upload)files of 2-3 MB because the connection keeps breaking. Is it possible to eliminate the program settings, or the problem to our internet connection

Re: FXP Support

Do you mean that FTPrush supports FXP for SFTP?

FXP Support


I've been using secure server FXP for along time, setup CopSSH so I can get SFTP available. I don't see this feature, will this be something that can be implemented in later versions PLEASE. For now I have to use FTPrush which has alot of build-in FXP tools I wish worked in WinSCP.

Kent C.

Re: File Transfer

Thanks for your post. This request has been added to tracker.

File Transfer

If it was possible to transfer selected file from one opened winscp ftp interface to another opened interface, it would be nice. Is there a way to do this instead of copying file to my computer than copying to other server.