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Does WINSCP support Iseries (AS/400) file transfers?

WINSCP can connect and also transfer files to an AS/400 machine.
seems like the ones who made the product don't really know what thay are selling...

anyway, i could manage to connect from a winscp3 to an AS400 and transfer files but only in the IFS, and not in /QSYS.LIB file system.

although it can retrieve the path in name format 1, meaning /QSYS.LIB/LIBRARY.LIB, it cannot upload the file with put command throgh SFTP, and my guess is that the caracter set code for AS/400, EBCDIC might have something to do with it, also, although the real problem should not be this...

i mean, for wrong caracter set, the file should still be trasferable, and not be readable... instead, the winscp cannot transfer the file...

adding file to the destination file extension does not solve the problem, because the AS400 tries to create a SAVF file instead...

so, any clues?

Re: Does WINSCP support Iseries (AS/400) file transfers?

Because of path syntax.

Re: Does WINSCP support Iseries (AS/400) file transfers?

Any particular technical reason why it does not work? It's a regular FTP. Weird.

martin wrote:

Most probably not :-(

Re: Does WINSCP support Iseries (AS/400) file transfers?

Most probably not :-(

Does WINSCP support Iseries (AS/400) file transfers?

First time using winscp and I cannot seem to get it to work with Iseries(AS/400). When I connect to iseries I get message stating:

Could not retrieve directory QGPL.
Could not retrieve directory listing
Specified directory does not exist or cannot be accessed.
Working directory not changed.

I am using Version 4.1.6 build (412) and FTP Protocol.