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matter resolved

right now i am not very concerned with the large file uploads as I just split the files into 10 MB segments. It goes faster and does not mess up and restart the upload. also, i do not have a log file. I work on a computer where settings and documents do not get saved locally and everything is cleared at log off.

Re: um..

Can you post a log file?


I really do not know what kind of server it is. I am working for a business where I upload media files. And while the upload is going on, I am no where around because I let it go in the night to save my bandwidth during the day. So I definitely need it to quit uploading when it is done. Is there a fix or tweak for this?

Re: upload does not stop!

This issue is being tracked already. What is your FTP server?

upload does not stop!

this has been a pain in the neck and I am hoping someone can help me. I am uploading four 400MB files to a web server for video production. once the file reaches the 100% point, it will delete what is on the server and start the entire upload again. I am only selecting and uploading one file at a time and i know it is not just moving on to file # 2 or 3. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or knows of a solution.

many thanks!