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I will. I'm doing "accounting" once a week or so :-)

I bag a pardon, but would You make what You promised? :roll:

"Your name will be listed on list of WinSCP donors below. If you have an account on WinSCP support forum registered to the same email address as your donation comes from, the account will receive "Donor" rank shown along all your posts. You should register the account before sending a donation.

You may also have your non-commercial website linked from donor list. "

I thought, that PayPal is special black hole for country boy, like me :D
Especially looking at currency converting course :D

Bless You,

Re: Lost donation?

Thanks. I got it :-)

What have you thought it to be lost?

Lost donation?

It's not so big money, may be. But I'd like to ensure, that PayPal delivered for You my modest donation.
Receipt Number: 2553-5349-3395-8055.
Thank You.