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Re: re:copying of split file failing

I have sent you a debug version.

re:copying of split file failing

I am receiving the following errors 9% into the copy of the last part of the split file: WINScp.exe "Abnornal program termination". When I retry I receive: "Copying files to remote side failed" with the detailed info being: General failure (server should provide error description)Error code: 4 Error message from server: Failure Request code: 6

Re: copying of split file failing

Please post a full error message.

copying of split file failing

Is there an address I can send a 4GB tar file to? I tried to copy this file whole as well as splitting it into smaller files but the copy dies out near the end and for the last part of the split file. "Copying files to remote side failed".
I had sent an earlier post on this and was told to check the disk space. I have enough free space. I am copying from Windows to Linux. Thanks.