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Mmm, I suspected so. The directory I am trying to access is one containing an IMAP mail folder. I thought it would be the same as my password for collecting e-mail, but maybe not. Thanks for the info.

Re: Session Passwords

Session password is simply your account password. WinSCP prompts you to enter one it you've either not supplied it on login dialog or supplied wrong one.

Session Passwords

When logging into a remote host I supply my username and password, but on connection am asked to supply a session password. I have other directories on the same host which require different usernames and passwords and these do not require a session password. I do not know what the session password is, but don't believe it should be required in the first place. I suspect it's a configuration problem with the host but wanted to be sure before I contact them. So, what is a session password and why is it there?Any help much appreciated. Thanks.