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If you need to configure SCP-specific options, it means that you want to use SCP, so you should switch to SCP explicitly.
In other words, if you do not care about protocol, why would you configure protocol specific options?

If SCP specific option are enabled when primary selection is SFTP, it makes user think that SCP options apply to SFTP as well.

And that actually looks like your problem. You seem to try to fix problem with SFTP protocol with options that does not affect it at all.

So what problem do you actually have?

I don't know what my target server is using SFTP or SCP. If the user always knew that, there wouldn't be a "fallback" option?

And if it's possible to fallback to SCP, shouldn't I also be able to configure SCP settings - just in case?

Anyway - I needed to use these settings because I couldn't get Directory Listings. I don't care whether I'm using SFTP, SCP, or wet-piece-of-stringP, I just want my directory listings displayed :(

Re: Bug: Directory Listing section disabled

That's deliberate. The option makes sense if you want to use SCP protocol only. And if you want it, you are supposed to select in on login dialog. There's no point selecting "SFTP with SCP fallback", if you want to use SCP only.

Bug: Directory Listing section disabled


I use SFTP (with SCP) fallback. I need to change the Directory Listing settings, but the section is disabled.
I need to change my File Protocol to "SCP", Directory Listing settings becomes enabled, I change my settings, save, and then change my File Protocol back to "SFTP".