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The documentation refers to the menu of the main window, which come out after you login in.

No,Sorry I do NOT find the "commands" menu.
Have a look at the following snapshot.
Where is the "commands" menu entry with the two entry fields for the keepuptodate option?

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Re: where is the "Command" section for /keepuptodate?

Commands menu is present in all versions of WinSCP.

where is the "Command" section for /keepuptodate?

When I go to page

then this page directs me to the "Commands" section
where I should enter something.

However I did not found such a "Comands" section.
Is this a description for an older version of WinSCP?
Is this renamed in the newest WinSCP 417?

Where are the directory specs for /keepuptodate otherwise ?