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Re: Problem still there

Can you upload a file using any other FTP client?

Problem still there

The problem still there, I have old Windows XP64 bit, WinSCP version 5.9.2 (build6958), all the symptoms as described

my log
 2016-09-18 17:00:03.703 Starting upload of C:\79\IMG_1633_bewerkt.jpg
> 2016-09-18 17:00:03.703 TYPE I
< 2016-09-18 17:00:03.734 200 Type set to I
> 2016-09-18 17:00:03.734 PASV
< 2016-09-18 17:00:03.765 227 Entering Passive Mode (193,164,220,227,243,110).
> 2016-09-18 17:00:03.765 STOR IMG_1633_bewerkt.jpg
< 2016-09-18 17:00:03.843 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for IMG_1633_bewerkt.jpg
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Timeout detected. (control connection)
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Copying files to remote side failed.
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Got reply 1004 to the command 4
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Connection was lost, asking what to do.
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Asking user:
. 2016-09-18 17:03:13.406 Lost connection. ("Timeout detected. (control connection)","Copying files to remote side failed.")

Any resolution to this problem?

Did anyone managed to get a solution for this problem?
I started experiencing the same issue beginning this week. Previously there was no problems with the same script.
After 100% file download, I get a message "Lost Connection". The connection auto-reconnects and the same file is being downloaded again.
Any help will be much appreciated.



After a few downloads I realized that the debug version you sent is even worse than 4.0.7. With 4.0.7, the transfer was completed and buffers were flushed to disk before the timeout occured. With your debug version, the file transfer was aborted before being complete.

The results is that WinSCP is now 100% usless to me, instead of 75%. I'm sorry but I have to move on to a different application.

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to fix the issues, but I need to get my work done, and can't spare any more time.

Thank you.

See my profile (you have to login).

Got the debug version, and it's still not able to complete a large download w/o intervention.

I've captured new logs if you want them, but I deleted your email (or just can't find it) so I can't send them.

.zip is about 36k

@melgish: I have sent you a debug version.

I don't manage the server, but when I connect using the Windows command-line client, it reports: WS_FTP Server 6.0 (14829293) I've seen a similar issue connecting to Microsoft's (Windows XP/SP2).

In every case I've observed, if I can abort before the retry starts, the file is exactly what it should be.

I won't say the tracker issue is a perfect match, but it's pretty close.

@melgish: What FTP server are you using? Have you read problem description in tracker? Does it match?

Here's the tail end of the log...

What I note here is that TransferSocket.cpp(1179): Close() is called 3 times, the last being from the ~CTransferSocket(). I'd suspect the 'timeout' is because you are trying to close a connection in the destructor that you have already closed (twice).
. 2008-07-03 13:17:31.245 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:31.964 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:32.323 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:32.902 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:33.464 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:33.745 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 Session upkeep
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 TransferSocket.cpp(557): OnClose(0)   caller=0x01d844a4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 TransferSocket.cpp(1179): Close()   caller=0x01d844a4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 TransferSocket.cpp(1179): Close()   caller=0x01d844a4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 FtpControlSocket.cpp(2070): TransferEnd(24)  OpMode=24 OpState=19   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 FtpControlSocket.cpp(2107): FileTransfer(0, TRUE, 0)  OpMode=24 OpState=19   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 TransferSocket.cpp(108): ~CTransferSocket()   caller=0x01d844a4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:34.324 TransferSocket.cpp(1179): Close()   caller=0x01d844a4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.027 Timeout detected.
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.027 FtpControlSocket.cpp(1199): DoClose(0)  OpMode=24 OpState=19   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.027 FtpControlSocket.cpp(4184): ResetOperation(4100)  OpMode=24 OpState=19   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.043 Copying files from remote side failed.
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.043 Got reply 1004 to the command 4
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.043 Connection was lost, asking what to do.
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.043 Asking user:
. 2008-07-03 13:17:49.043 Lost connection. ("Timeout detected.","Copying files from remote side failed.","Downloading in BINARY file MyFileName.exe (214426659)")
* 2008-07-03 13:17:50.746 (ESshFatal) Lost connection.
* 2008-07-03 13:17:50.746 Timeout detected.
* 2008-07-03 13:17:50.746 Copying files from remote side failed.
* 2008-07-03 13:17:50.746 Downloading in BINARY file MyFileName.exe (214426659)
* 2008-07-03 13:17:50.746 Copying files from remote side failed.
. 2008-07-03 13:17:53.933 FtpControlSocket.cpp(181): ~CFtpControlSocket()   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:53.933 FtpControlSocket.cpp(1199): DoClose(0)  OpMode=0 OpState=-1   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:53.933 FtpControlSocket.cpp(4184): ResetOperation(4100)  OpMode=0 OpState=-1   caller=0x01d48204
. 2008-07-03 13:17:53.933 ControlSocket.cpp(89): ~CControlSocket()   caller=0x01d48204

I'm getting a similar issue downloading large files.

At the end of the transfer, it pops a timeout error. If I click Abort button at this point, the file is perfectly fine. If I miss my 5 second window, it restarts again and again and again.

Currently retrying with debug 1 log turned on.

Re: Error Message

This issue is being tracked here.

Can you provide me your email address, so I can send you a debug version of WinSCP to track the problem further? If you do not want to post the address here, you can send me an email. You will find it (if you log in) in my forum profile. Thanks.

Re: Error Message

4.0.6 (Build 358)

Re: Error Message

What version of WinSCP are you using?

Error Message

I receive this message, and the transfer starts over again. Can you tell me what it means?
. 2008-04-14 22:30:13.388 Session upkeep
. 2008-04-14 22:30:13.604 [Background 1] Timeout detected.
. 2008-04-14 22:30:13.606 [Background 1] Copying files to remote side failed.
. 2008-04-14 22:30:13.606 [Background 1] Got reply 1004 to the command 4
. 2008-04-14 22:30:13.901 Session upkeep
. 2008-04-14 22:30:14.405 Session upkeep

I believe it is a server problem, but I would like to be knowledgeable about this message when I talk to the server admin.

- paul