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That mask works for any level of subdirectories, recursively!

Thank you.

Re: Automatically select transfer setting preset - for subdirs

OK, this should do:

Unfortunatelly it is bit too complex :-(

Thanks, that works, but only for immediate subdirectories.

  • /home/dandv/mycoolapp/ matches
  • /home/dandv/mycoolapp/lib matches
  • /home/dandv/mycoolapp/lib/schema doesn't match

How can I have the preset be automatically selected on any subdirectory of /home/dandv/mycoolapp, recursively?

From the documentation, I understand that specifying two patterns is done because one matches a directory and the other one matches files.

The syntax I expected for the Directory masks (where no files are concerned) was that of web server rules for matching URLs (which have similar paths). That is, simplified regular expressions. '*' matches any character, including '/', and to match only up to some directory, one could use a final '$':


Re: Automatically select transfer setting preset - for subdirs

Please read documentation.
Basically you need to do something like:

Automatically select transfer setting preset - for subdirs

Automatically selected transfer presets are a great feature - I can configure WinSCP to automatically transfer in text mode and exclude CVS directories, or .svn-base etc. once I navigate to a specific remote directory.

But when I enter a subdirectory of that directory, WinSCP returns back to the default transfer settings.

This is a request for a very simple feature: would it be possible to either:

  • allow directory masks to match beyond the first subdirectory? For example, right now "*mycoolapp* matches /home/dandv/mycoolapp, but does not match /home/dandv/mycoolapp/lib.
  • have an "apply to subdirectories" checkbox in the "Edit transfer settings preset" dialog

Personally, I would prefer the first option.