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Re: Password dialog to upload files back to site off screen

Thanks for your post. This issue is being tracked already.

Password dialog to upload files back to site off screen


Here is the issue I often encounter with 4.1.8 version. I maintain PHP files on a remote server. I have set WinSCP to load and edit these files with Notepad++ set as my primary external editor.

After loading file and making changes to it and saving in Notepad++ the file must automatically transfer back to the remote server. WinSCP often must display a password dialog and I am forced to log back in so the file will transfer back to the remove server.

The issue is that depending on where the WinSCP progam is positioned on the screen, sometimes this dialog will "appear" off the screen viewable area so we are unable to see or respond to the password request screen.

It would be great if WinSCP would confirm if the password dialog is on the viewable screen, if not, it should automatically reposition it.

The issue appears to be that the password dialog, centers to the winscp window. But there is no guarantee that based on centering to the WinSCP window, that the password dialog will appear on a viewable area of the screen if you have positioned the WinSCP window in a way that the dialog can not center and still be viewable.